Avant garde, no?

Desci is a 20-something writer/sex line operator from Melbourne. I like Desci cos one time she sent me her 'Give Em The Boot' sticker (and also an Area 7 sticker - charming). I didn't get her letter for about six months though, cos my housemates forgot to give it to me. She must have thought I was terribly rude for not saying thanks.

Her blog is here.

1. Would you say that giving women the vote: A. Did irreparable damage to
society / B. Did damage to society that could be rectified by revoking their
voting priviledges?

a), but let the bitches eat cake. That they made in their kitchens while
cooking my dinner.


2. People have accused you of being an elaborate hoax perpetrated by persons
unknown. Who is your secret alter-ego?

Someone that everyone curiously thinks is someone else's. But don't tell


3. If you could pash any Australian newspaper columnist - who would it be
and why?

Meh, I suppose Simon Castles - so in it for t3h kidz. No. Newspapers are
fucked. Ask my thesis; he'll tell you in 16,000 words or more.


4. Brad & Angelina - will it last in 07?

Sure, why not. Unless one of them disappears up their own urethra.


5. Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the
responsibility of making decisions?



6. Could you agree to "strict discipline?"

Context required.

[Dr. Cam explained: It's a scientology recruitment question. But I bet you are thinking whips and chains and shit.]

but of course.


7. Would the idea of making a complete new start cause you much concern?

Yes. A World of Yes.


8. What are your plans for the development of the solar system in the next
fifty years?

Venus: tear that fucker down and build a bookshop. THAT'LL LEARN THAT
COPY-CATTING CUNT. 'Twin Planet' indeed.


9. Would you get in the ring and fight me? I mean, actually FIGHT me?

Yes. Bring it on, cunt. Also, if you could have one hand tied behind your
back it'd be appreciated plskthnxbi


10. Could you ever bring yourself to return my affection?

If you buy me a fancy dinner and all the drinks, I could return the Space
Pope's affection. I'm that kind of whore. Sickening.

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