Avant garde, no?

17 days and I've run out of stuff to write. I'm solving this problem by getting other people to write everything.

It's a pretty devious plan.


On another note, the new inquest into the death of Jeremy Duggan at the hands of followers of anti-semite and personality cult personality Lyndon Larouche is supposed to start in January.

Trouble is, it's impossible to find anything about it on Google News because they wisely consider the myriad of bullshit Larouche publications to be worthy of syndication so real news is buried in the middle of a haze of crazy. Regular Google doesn't really do the trick either, on account of Larouche having a million websites dedicated to how Jeremy Duggan worked for the Queen and was killed by B'Nai B'rith and the International Drug Cartels to make Lyndon look bad.

Man, whatever.


Mufti and the Phatwas would be a good name for a band.

Speaking of bands, I know when Battle of the Bands is!

It's on the 27/1, and it starts at noon and finishes at five (there's an afterparty with hip hop somewhere too), and it is in Lakes Entrance on the Esplanade.

They're going to have a stage set up on the Esp so look for the only stage on the Esp, I reckon. It's near the skate park.

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