Avant garde, no?

Last night I dreamt that I was asleep, when I was woken up by the sound of motorcycles and breaking bottles. I went to my front door and looked outside and there were some nasty looking blokes on some nasty looking bikes. One of them threw a stubby at the front of the house next door. It seemed the neighbours had pissed some people off somehow. I went back and got back into my bed, but the bottles continued to smash outside. Eventually I could take no more and went outside to mount a proper investigation - the front of the neighbour's house was covered in obscene graffiti... and so was mine!

"Oy!" I said to some of the bikies, "You've got the wrong house here!"

They were very apologetic and offered to clean it up. Then I woke up.

(To see vagrants is a sign of contagion invading your community!)

Having woken up, I went to see Babel with Vegie, SteveSteve and some other dude at the cin-eh-ma. It was quite classy, and I am a classier guy for having gone to see it. At my next dinner party I intend to say, "It serves as an interesting companion piece to his earlier work, Amores Perros - that's a foriegn film, you know."

In less classy but more rocking news, I got the new Frenzal and new Me First. Both v. good... but I really, really like the new Frenzal album. 33 minutes of solid gold - all killer, no filler. You can't afford filler when your longest song is 2 minutes 44 seconds. It's not economically viable.

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