Avant garde, no?

On my desk there is currently:

1 Keyboard
1 Mouse
1 Computer Monitor
1 Alarm Clock Shaped Like A Mosque
1 Wooden Incense Holder
2 Bundles of Incense (one purple, one sort of greeny)
1 Packet of Nyal SleepAid (valerian pills)
2 VHS Tapes With Pre-Records of my radio program Rock And Roll Ate My Brain
1 Glasses Case containing 1 Pair of Mirrored Sunglasses
1 Pile of Union Membership Forms (Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance)
1 Union Card Neck Holding Thing
2 Books About Conmen
1 Encyclopedia of Dreams
1 Mug with a badge that says Merry Christmas in it. (Also contains 2 small bulldog clips, one anti-diabetes jellybaby charity badge, a button off my trenchcoat, and the F key off a keyboard)
1 Mug with a lion on it containing 11 textas, 3 pens and flashlight.
1 Mug that says in large letters 'They Said It Couldn't Be Done!' and then in smaller letters 'so, i didn't do it.' This mug contains 2 pencils, 7 pens, one Mickey Mouse swizzle stick (?), two permanent markers and a tube of superglue.
1 Copy of The Walkley magazine
1 copy of Your Rights At Work: A Survival Guide
1 Peg
1 Lighter
1 Blue Box containing bandaids, panadol, extra-strength panadiene, an unopened box of toothpaste and a bottle of cough syrup which expires in January 2007. I believe I purchased it in 2005
1 Battery
1 Pen Lid
1 Thing of Roll On Deodorant
1 Pair of Headphones
1 USB cable that I'm not sure exactly what it's for
1 Crown Casino Club Card
1 Small Pile of Members Equity pamphlets
1 Diary from 2002

PAUSE. We are just about at the end of this little trip through my desk, but this diary is quite interesting (to me).

I really appreciate Past Cam's method of marking off completed tasks.

Take for example this entry from the 15th of March: hand in psych draft

Later, I have added the words: Dunno if I did this but I guess I did.

Oh, Past Cam, what are we going to do with you?

Also, for some reason I've marked off the days when a certain girl was away (just within the space of a week, not over a whole year that would be creepy). I don't remember having a crush on this girl, but maybe I did. Ooooer!

Also, that was everything on my desk. Ciao!

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