Avant garde, no?

I learnt many interesting things in the newspaper today!

The front page of the Herald Sun carried a massive ad for a graffiti superstore in North Melbourne (hey! I'm near North Melbourne!) that sell spray paint and other dastardly items such as airbrushing equipment. I thought this was very kind of them because I needed to get some spray paint (for legal stencilling purposes) and I was bedevilled if I knew where I was going to get it!

Meanwhile, Page 3 of the Sunday Age has the most important story of the year: Somebody set up a fake Myspace for High Court Justice Michael Kirby - complete with crude sexual innuendo. HOLD THE FREAKING PRESSES! How dreadfully rude of them.

Hey the Newspapers - You suck!

(In other news I am continuing with my resolution of drawing a picture every day and they are starting to look like what I am actually drawing)

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