Avant garde, no?



I have new photos. Observe:

Skate Park Graffiti

One time (in 2004) me and Vegie and SteveSteve went to the skate park at night and swung on the swings. We also helped a woman whose car was broken down. We are pretty good samaritans.

Gun Battles

One time (far more recently) me and Vegie and SteveSteve went and had a picnic on the Yarra. We had vegie burgers and drank beer and yelled (encouraging slogans) at the rowers as they passed us by. We also got Come On Eileen stuck in our heads - the only problem was we couldn't remember who it was by. People were jogging and riding past us, but none of them looked like they would know. Finally there was this guy in a suit on a bike who had a sort of Come On Eileen look about him. I ran after him and alongside him.

"Excuse me, sir" I said, "Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes," he replied.
"Who sang Come On Eileen? We really need to know!"
"I don't know"

It was very disappointing. (It's by Dexy's Midnight Runners by the by.)

Oh, but the point of this story is that while we were pikniking we decided to set up army men in little action scenes around the place. There is absolutely no symbolism or deeper meaning involved in this. We're just easily amused.


These are some of the photos I took at G20. Hurrah?

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