Avant garde, no?

So I went to see a band last night!

Not just any band, but Jason Lives from Waz Vegas in fact. The venue for this fine show was Revolver Upstairs on Chapel, and I wish this entry was a bit like this but I'm afraid to say that it is actually more like this:

So, I left my place around 9.30 (the show started at 8) but JL didn't start till 10... and I got there just as the Lives were beginning their set on account of the Church St. bridge being closed off for something or other. It was a pretty good set (good acoustics / good selection of songs / I liked the new ones that I hadn't heard), but the place wasn't exactly packed out and the only person dancing was my friend Seany Miller and when I say dancing I mean he was throwing himself onto the floor and at chairs at random intervals, only pausing to hump a table or smoke a cigarette or wear an ashtray on his head.

"Hey Sean, how's it going" I said. He shouted, "CAMPBELL!" and jumped up into me, nearly knocking me over. I took this to mean, "I'm going quite well thankyou."

Eventually Security came over and asked him to sit down, which he did, nursing a cigarette and a slightly bruised elbow.

After the show was over, I went home.

WOW! EXCITING! Seriously though, it was a Wednesday night.

In other Valley news, I say, have you heard about the Battle of the Bands? Apparently it's all confirmed and shit. There is absolutely no way in hell you will catch me at this event (you'll see why in a second) but you should go if you're somewhere in the Valley. According to Straight 80's myspace (www.myspace.com/straighteighty):

"heres the info!! its on the lakes entrance esplanade, and its on the 27th of january. theres free entry and there are two headlining acts coming down from melbourne these bands would be her nightmare and the getaway plan... head over to their myspace and check them out!!

there SHOULD be a bus running to and from the show but we will try our hardest to organise it but again this may not become reality lol... but it looks more likely this time haha!!"

Starts at 12, ends at 5. I'm a little disturbed by the fact that they refer to LE as being in South Australia, cos the last time I checked it was really, really not, but hey - each to their own.

Lakes Entrance is not somewhere I particularly want to travel to from Melbourne, but if you are in the Valley you're practically there already so what the hell.

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