Avant garde, no?

It's the second day of 2007 and I'm yet to break any of my resolutions!


I made some predictions for 07 in the waning minutes of 06:

1. Morris Iemma will return to power in the NSW state elections. This prediction was shortly vindicated by the Channel 7 Newsbar on Flinders which said that a poll showed that voters wanted Debnam dumped.

2. The suburb of Malvern has an intimidatory nature. 'Mal', after all, is Latin for 'Bad' and Vern is not a friendly name. It is the name of someone who kneecaps you in a dark alley with a tyre iron because you didn't pay Squint-Eyed Freddy the money you owe.

I predict that Malvern will officially seperate itself from the rest of Victoria in order to further propogate this bad boy image.

3. I can't remember my other predictions but I am sure they were all tip-top.

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