Avant garde, no?

I always feel a bit guilty buying the Australian Financial Review (or the Fin to those of us in the know).

I can imagine some poor merchant banker rocking up to the newsagency of a sunny Friday morning, all set to begin the day by sipping on an inner-city latte and going over his stocks - only to see some spiky-haired punk walking out with the last copy. He suspects - but he doesn't know - that I am going to toss most of it to one side. This suspicion will be proved correct when I get home, put the kettle on, and settle down in a comfortable chair with the RE|view section - the news of the financial day cast away, ne'er to be read (but certainly to be recycled).

That said, I would hope that no jilted denizens of the Melbournian financial sector are actually following me home to make sure I read the whole thing.

I thoroughly recommend purchasing this fine publication on Fridays - preferably with a bit of a swagger in your step. It's the perfect opportunity to get a bit of kulcha up ya: literature, politics, religion, history, everything. You never know what you're going to get.

Other newspaper recommendations:

Thursday: I go the Australian for the Media & Marketing section or the Age for the Green Guide. The Herald Sun has Hit magazine if you want the jump on the weekend's gigs, but if you balk at buying three newspapers in a day...
Friday: I'd also get The Age for EG.

Yeah, I pretty much don't buy the newspaper Monday to Wednesday. If you can't handle buying more than one newspaper in a day, I'd recommend just stealing them from your neighbours who subscribe.

Non-shareholders of Australia! Let us unite to piss off some stockbrokers!

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