Avant garde, no?

From the Scientology Pamphlet:

Please despose of thoughtfully.


I just saw an ant. Ants are funny things.

I don't know why there is an ant in here, as there is nothing an ant would like to eat.

But ants are funny things, you know.


I got a spam email. I like it, because it is written as if I am the person providing the service. Observe:

Hey Bobbie, Check Out This Watch

I had a meeting to attend to, and I needed something classy yet professional to wear. One of my friends told me about your
website and I've seen him wearing one of your watches, but I was still sceptical to buy a replica watch. I took my chance
though, and ordered a Rolex from your website. When I received it, I was definitely impressed, but wasn't sure if my
associates would be able to tell it's a replica. But when I showed up to the meeting, they couldn't take their eyes off of
my new watch. This watch gave me what I was looking for, classy style, with a touch of professionalism.

- Violet S.


Thanks Violet! I'm glad you liked it?

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