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So, anywayz, the Church of Scientology dropped a test in my letterbox today. It's got a lot of questions (200!) that I highly doubt have any effect on the results, but there are a few dodgy ones mixed in... the sort of questions you might ask to determine if someone would be a good cult-member.

Here are the best ones:

Do you often ponder over your own inferiority?

Would the idea of making a complete new start cause you much concern?

Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the responsibility of making decisions?

Do you resent the efforts of others to tell you what to do?

Do you enjoy telling people the latest scandal about your associates?

Could you agree to "strict discipline?"

Are you perturbed at the idea of loss of dignity?

Are you suspicious of people who ask to borrow money from you?

Would it take a definite effort on your part to consider the subject of suicide?

Are you a slow eater?


Dodgy as.

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