Avant garde, no?

I was watching Sunrise on Channel 7 this foggy morn, and they had a thing about the Gold Coast.

Apparently there was some sort of sporting event involving Queensland the other day, and in the half-time entertainment segment of this sporting event, there was dancing.

And in this dancing, there was young ladies dressed up in gold and I will tell you those young ladies were in danger of catching a cold, cos brother, they wasn't wearing a lot of clothes.

And those young ladies who was not wearing nary a stitch? They were supposed to represent the Gold Coast.

Anyway, apparently this has gotten some people in a bit of a tizzy.

They had this bloke from the Gold Coast Business Association or whatever on, and he was outraged - OUTRAGED - by this travesty. It was perpetuating a stereotype about the Gold Coast.

Apparently the Gold Coast is trying to get away from the idea that it is some sort of cruisey seaside resort. It's the SIXTH biggest city in Australia, and the SECOND biggest city in Queensland! It is a business centre!

I am thinking, fucken hell... who gave this muppet a microphone?

Cruisey seaside resort where people do not wear much clothing = good point.

Business centre = bad point. And please, please, please DO NOT emphasise that you are the sixth biggest city in Australia. Australia does not have that many cities that is something impressive!!

I just had to get that off my chest. Back to work, children.

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