Avant garde, no?

People often say to me, "Dr. Cam, you are a pretty together guy, what is your freaking secret?"

Well, my friends, it is quite simple.

First, you need some kicking beats.

Maybe a little bit of 'a doom doom chh, kadoom badoom brisch, a toom toom misch... etc.'

You may be tempted to scat.

'abiddledeedopsqueedopaloppabratiskalimeniokoparockensqueedockadoobiemareepotaloolesen... etc.'

Resist this temptation.

Next, you need a horn section.

Your trumpets could go: 'doo doo doo dooooo. DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOOOO'

Saxaphone: B A G, B A G, BBBB AAAA B A G. Let's get some hot sauce on that tempo, saxaphone! JESUS!

I don't know, there are surely other instruments in the horn section (for example, the oboe). Just try and keep up with the saxophone.

Some ladies who can click their fingers are essential. Perhaps wearing some sort of hat?

And now we reach the most essential part of being a pretty together guy. Some fly rhymes are essential:

'Thinkin' of a frying pan
Cuz ain't nuthin will whet my hunger gland
So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent
So I dig deeper but still comin' up with basil mint

So I start my mission, leave my residence
Thinkin' how could I get some dead presidents
I need honey,
I used to be a chew-up kid
So I think of all the devious things I did

I used to roll up
This is a hold up
Ain't nuthin' mirthful
Stop smiling, be still,
don't nuthin' move but the bagful
of beef...'

And so on... It doesn't have to be about food, but it is totally lunchtime.

Laters, peace out, y'all.

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