Avant garde, no?

My paternal grandmother has a big picture of Jesus up in her kitchen. He is walking through some sort of stone door (possibly the entrance of a cave). He is facing away from us, out of the cave door. At the top it says, "I am the resurrection."

There is a lot of glowing light.

Anyway, my cousin, right, he is at my grandmother's house, and he is a wee tyke. Anyway, he is asked, "Who's that?" and the kid, he says, "Stah Wors."

He's a complicated kid.


I stayed awake way too long the other day - drove down to Waz Vegas. Parked. Opened the door. Christ, the door... what an effort.

Got my legs out the door, cos the gammy knee was playing up. Stretched em... Man, that's better. We'll just rest here for a moment... make our way to base camp in the morning. Interesting... it feels like my feet are floating... Oh, my feet are staying still, the ground is moving. Ah, the car is rolling backwards.

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