Avant garde, no?

Things I'm not supposed to be looking at #1: New Jobs.

Okay, so I am pretty bored, so I decide to log onto one of those employmenty sites.

Now, I don't need a job. I have a job.

I LIKE my job.

So, my frizzles, what is the dizzle with this jobizzles? The last time I changed jobs, it was after looking quite hard for something in my area of expertise - and buddy, there wasn't much work going around!

I'm looking now, and there are like 20-30... maybe even 40 jobs that I am more than qualified for that I would rather enjoy.

Curse me enjoying my current job!

Things I'm not supposed to be looking at #2: Children's cartoons.

What is the deal with children's television and me watching it?

When I was a CHILD, I never watched the cartoons in the morning. Cos morning time was for getting ready for school (put on your socks, then your shoes) and later it was for finishing homework prior to school.

Now that I am a YOUNG ADULT, I watch them all the time! Totally Spies! is okay, but the ones I really like are:

ONE PIECE and All Grown Up!

ONE PIECE is about pirates. There is a rap in the theme song. Pirates and hip hop.... Arrrr.........

All Grown Up is a spin-off of Rugrats. It is like Rugrats, but they are tweenagers, and must face the pitfalls and perils of tweenage life. Zits, fads, mobile phones. Ut's a real hid-trup.

Kindest Regards,

Your Friend & Confidant,

Dr. Cam

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