Avant garde, no?

As previously noted, I was in the Valley on the weekend attending to some business, and at around the hour of midnight I happened to be standing in the main drag of Waz Vegas, wishing that I smoked because at least then I'd have something to keep myself busy with while Vegie C. Vegie and I waited for our comrade to grace us with his presence.

I settled for shifting my weight from my left foot to the right, and back etc.

Suddenly! We noticed there was a piece of paper sticking out of the door of a business. We pulled it out to investigate, and were happy to see it was not advertising material.

It opened with the words: Bracks' Poverty Remedy - A vote for Labor is a vote for murder

And then goes on to tell the whole sorry story. You can read it here: Bracks' Poverty Remedy (PDF)

Parts are disturbingly funny (the shadowy figures behind the conspiracy are anti-climactically mundane) but mostly it's very sad. These are the words of a man who has been failed by the system - he has fallen through the safety net.

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