Avant garde, no?

Mel Gibson is on the front page of all the newspapers for entirely the wrong reason*. Turns out he hates Jews.

Yeah, no shit, Mr. Newspaper Man! The first clue would have been when his freaking dad was hanging out with the neo-Nazis at the Adelaide Institute.



Check this out, homes.

Some of these are freaking me out...

"Its kind of related, but my most memorable one involved the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" I was in my mid 20's when i relised she wasnt actually kissing santa, she was kissing her husband, the kids father."

I only just got that song after I read that. She was kissing her husband!

*Stop the Presses: Mel Gibson gives all money to tall but enigmatic Melbourne youth! is the right answer.

Of course.

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