Avant garde, no?

Yo, what it is, Gentle Reader!

Have I mentioned that my fantastic radio programme is now broadcast from NINE PEE EMM TIL TEN THIRTY PEE EM on ONE OH FOUR POINT SEVEN GIPPSLAND EFF EMM?

So, if you is in the Latrobe Valley (or in Tullamarine for some weird reason), and you has got a wireless machine - you bettser be tunin' in at that time!

I have no doubt that tonight's show is going to be fantastic. Vegie C. Vegie will be joining me tonight, and we will be having all your favourites:

% Unabashed Corporate Rock Opera
# Point/Counterpoint (This week we tackle the issue of Communism. Hear a song against and for this political ideology, then make up your mind)
@ A Metal Song At The End
! Plus various wacky covers, mashups and ridgy-didge originals.

Also! A special treat. Dig the funky intro to tonight's program: Featuring clips from an anti-drug tv show, a Paul Is Dead conspiracy theory, and a Bob Larsen exorcism.


Peace Out! - Dr. Cam

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