Avant garde, no?

So, I went and saw Fiddler On The Roof at the theatre last Friday.

That's right! I am CULTURED! And let me tell you... Systemic anti-semitism in early 20th century Czarist Russia was never so jaunty and melodic!

True? Of course true!

Anyway, as we were leaving the theatre and heading out in search of Post-Theatre drinkypoos, we were accosted by somebody who had already had quite a few Post-Theatre drinkypoos.

In fact, I suspect they may have not even been to the theatre at all!

To put it another way, they were absolutely munted - slagged off their tits, guv!

One of them said to me:

Mate.. Mate... Mate! Lemmetellya.. Lemmetellyaso.. Lemme tell ya somethin', mate.

Superman.. Superman, mate... IT'S SHIT! SHIT! IT IS SHIT!! Avoy it, okay mate?

I said: I will take your advice into consideration. Good day, sir!

But would you like to know a secret, gentle reader?

I did not take his advice into consideration at all!

Quite the opposite in fact - I went to the Cine-Ma, and took in a picture show about a man who can fly, what what.

The kid flew - he punched stuff - he had crazy laser eyes. 5 out of 5 stars.

And they left it open for a sequel with the last dinosaur egg hatching at the end!

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