Avant garde, no?

Contrary to previous statements I may have made on this issue, I don't really care either way about this - but I do love a good stoush.

From the Waz Vegas Gazette:

Investigation continues for Cloud

Investigations into the design, construction anc safety of Warragul's controversial public artwork Cloud are continuing.

Brecknock Consulting is currently completing investigations into the structure and design of Cloud and will submit recommendations to council by the end of July.

The wind vanes on Cloud, spanning South Rd Warragul, were removed in April as a safety precaution after two vanes broke away.

Community living and development director Stephen Chapple said council's project manager Carol Atwell from Brecknock Consulting, was "currently conducting a detailed investigation with all parties involved in the design, fabrication and installation of this piece of artwork," Mr Chapple said.

As part of the investigation, Brecknock Consulting have included third party specialists to assist in the review.

He said the current indication for the completion of Ms Atwell's investigations is mid to late July 2006.

At the time of the structure being pulled down, mayor Ian Clark declared the wind vanes would not be reinstalled on the cable structure, which still hangs over South Rd, until council received a written guarantee and the contractor took full responsibility that the vanes would not fall again.

However, artist Louise Lavarack said there was no question the artwork would be reinstalled after further investigations.

The consultants are investigating whether the cause of the failure was a fabrication issue, installation issue or a design matter. Engineering advice was being sought from a specialist in suspended works and a specialist wind consultant.

Cloud was funded by a $70,000 State Government pride of place grant, $30,000 from Baw Baw Shire and a further $30,000 drawn from the State Government funds for Commonwealth Games projects in the shire.

Cr Clark said the ongoing maintenance costs associated with the artwork would have to be met by the artist.


On the other hand, $130,000 is a bit steep...

But I really, really don't care. It's money that would have been wasted anyway.

But I do love a good local government stoush!

A stoush which I have commented on in the past, and in which I am sort of peripherally involved came to a conclusion (or did it?) on Monday.

From the Herald Sun:

Defame review sought
Kate Rose

PEOPLE Against Lenient Sentencing president and would-be independent member of State Parliament Steve Medcraft wants the Local Government Act reformed.

Mr Medcraft is considering an appeal to either the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal or the Supreme Court after his defamation action in the Magistrates' Court failed because of a loophole in the Act.

Mr Medcraft said the court found he had been defamed by material run on a website in the lead-up to the Hume Council election last November, but because the Act offered no definition of candidate, he couldn't prove he was a candidate at the time.

Mr Medcraft said that he was an independent on the council when the material allegedly linking him to the Liberal Party and Nazi groups appeared.

All I can say to poor old Jack is: BOO HOO, ARSEHOLE.

Also: Having the judge shut your case down because you are basing it around a radical (and stupid) re-interpretation of the LG Act is not losing on a technicality. It is being SLAMMED for being an arsehole and a sore loser.

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