Avant garde, no?

Understanding Marx - Red Shadow (The Economics Rock & Roll Band)

(cool piano intro - and then some awesome chorus action!)
Understanding Marx will straighten out your head (oh yes it will)
More than anything that you have read
Freud's a fraud, and [B.F.] Skinner's of no use,
Read Marx and Lenin - it will really turn you loose.

(working class highschool dropout chick - stuck in the rat race)
When I was in highschool, I sat in the back row and I thought to myself:
This is really for shit.
I just couldn't wait to get out and do something on my own.
So I quit school and went out to look for a job.
First I waited tables,
Then I worked at Woolworths,
Then I emptied bedpans at the hospital.
But no matter where I worked - it was all the same,
And I got so I just couldn't take it anymore.

One day I went home and I found my Ma sitting there.
She'd been fired by the phone company cos they said she was too old.
And I saw a book in her lap, and I asked her what it was.
She said, "Baby, that's Capital Volume I, you know, by Karl Marx."
And I said, "Huh?"
And she said, "That's right - here, take a look."
And I read that book, and now I've come to realise:
That as long as I have to sell my labour power to the Boss, I work for his profit - and not for myself and my fellow humankind!


(middle class working stiff - seeks contentment through consumerism)
You know, I had me a nice lookin' job,
And it paid pretty good, you know.
And I got myself a swimming pool, a Wide-Track Pontiac,
Even a SnowMobile - one of the Jap makes.
But the more I spent, the more I'd end up owing,
And I had to work overtime at the goddamn job!

Well, I'm in the locker room one night, after the shift,
And the janitor comes in, and he says:
"Fellow worker, you look mighty unhappy."
And I said, "Huh?"
He said, "Read this," and he gives me a book.
So I said, "What's this?"
And he said, "It's State and Revolution. It's by Lenin."

Well, I'm not a man who reads many books,
But I read that book, and now I know:
That as long as you sell yourself, you cannot be yourself!
And you cannot SnowMobile your way down the forest trail to Inner Peace!


(the compassionate but misguided intellectual)

I graduated Magna Cum Laude/Phi Betta Kappa
And I thought I had a responsibility to help out people who didn't know how to help themselves.
So I went into the Peace Corps, and I taught Nigerians how to fix cars and run hotels,
Then I came back home and went to D.C.
I doled out money for minority businesses,
You know: Black Capitalism.
Well, one day, some Congressman came to see one of my best projects.

I couldn't believe my eyes!
The workers were on strike!
So I said, "What's going on here?"
And they said, "Prices are high! Wages are low! And working conditions are terrible!"
And I said, "But... you're working for one of your own kind!"
And they answered, "He's not one of us! Here, read this!"
It was a little book called: On The Correct Handling Of Contradictions Among The People by Mao Tze-Tung.

I've read a lot of books, but when I read that book, well, now I understand:
That the only way to bring about social change is to organise a united mass movement based on the class interest of the Proletariat!

(Chorus x 3 - then fade out!)


My contribution to the Internet - the lyrics to this awesome song. Although I could not enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to look these lyrics up in a few seconds... I rest easy knowing that the people of the Future can!


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