Avant garde, no?

Books are great. There are many things you can learn from books.

For example: Facts.

For example: Figures.

For example: Fictional narratives designed to entertain boys and girls of all ages.

Lately, I have read some books! Why?

Because reading is:

A. Educational!
B. Fun!
C. Healthy!

The first book that I have read lately was CODENAME IAGO by John Friedrich.

CODENAME IAGO is also a book ABOUT John Friedrich.

John Friedrich was a very interesting man who spent some time around the area where I grew up (he lived in Sale for a while!).

This fascinating non-fiction book was recommended to me by a friend who had known Mr. Friedrich when he was the managing director of the National Security Council of Australia (Victoria Division).

While he was the managing director of the NSCA (Vic) he came up with all sorts of amazing Search & Rescue innovations which revolutionised Search & Rescuing!

He also conned a few banks out of around 244 million dollars and kind of worked for the CIA. Interesting guy!


Another book I have read lately is J-Pod by Douglas Coupland.

Douglas Coupland is also the author of Generation X, which I think is a fairly classy novel. I read Generation X because I had read and enjoyed one of Douglas Coupland's lesser known works (Life After God)... which I had bought because it was by Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X.


This book has many good qualities. It is an entertaining look at life in the Google Era. Also, it is thick.

I know this, because I recently needed to make a bag look like it was full of documents and things. I put some actual documents in, but it was not big enough!

And I didn't have any more documents! What was I to do?

Suddenly, it struck me in the manner of a bolt of lightning who it turns out is an ultra-militant feminist and you just tried out a really cheesy line on her. (That retro miniskirt looks pretty attractive on your shapely figure... but it would look even better on the floor of my bedroom, while we engaged in mutual oral sex.)

I put JPod by Douglas Coupland into the bag. Suddenly it looked like I had a bag which was full of IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, and I looked like a VERY PROFESSIONAL PERSON.


Yet another book that I have been reading is Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk.

I had read a while ago that people had fainted while listening to a new book by Palahniuk. I had filed this in my brain under Interesting! and then forgotten it.

Then I got it, and I read the first story in it (it's like a collection of short stories, you know!) and I was a bit like: WOAH WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS FUCKED UP I FEEL FUCKING SICK JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

Then I re-read about 60 people fainting while listening to that story, and I thought, "I remember reading about this ages ago!" and also "Yeah, I can see that."


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