Avant garde, no?

I'm going to perform a sleep experiment - basically, it involves putting my pillows at the WRONG end of the bed.

I'll let you know how it goes when I wake up.


Okay, so as I drifted off to sleep, I realised that my experiment was really flawed.

Basically, I was interested in seeing whether sleeping upside down would have any effect on my dreams - the idea being that my perspective of the world when I go to sleep normally is deeply ingrained, and that to invert my orientation would possibly result in different dreams.

The flaws:

No control - We are comparing upside down dreams to regular dreams... but there are so many other factors which affect our dreamings - the day's events... the day's thoughts... AND also PREVIOUS DREAMS.

Okay, that is only one flaw, but it is one that completely destroys the integrity of the entire experiment. SHAME!

So, my dream... It was a RECURRING dream, but one that I haven't had in quite a while (possibly not since I last slept upside down?)...

It has sort of faded a bit, but there was some sort of PSYCHO trying to get a piece of the Attacking Me action. ALSO! Lots of corridor running.

Unusually, the dream did not have an overall feeling of fear attached to it, but more one of jocularity - as if this whole thing with a person sincerely trying to kill me was all some grand cosmic jape.


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