Avant garde, no?

... keep another record of the songs that I am playing on the radio next Saturday: This will be my last pre-record for a while, and I'll totally be on at the special time of 9pm-1030pm. FREAKOUT!

So, here we go. Let's, how you say, get into it!

Track One:

Out That Door - Hoodoo Gurus.

Speaking. Lies about the etymological origins of certain words. Witty punning?

Track Two:

Bankrobber - The Clash: Not that I endorse the totally wicked crime of bank robbery.

Track Three:

Alabama Song - The Doors: By far, my favourite song for getting drunk to.

Track Four:

Private Idaho - The B-52s: I seem to remember playing this a lot while I was editing a short film a few years ago... I think more because I had B-52s on the computer I was using as opposed to preferring it over other available musics.

Track Five:

Under The Milkyway (acoustic) - The Church: This is a pretty cool acoustic version. It's like the regular song, but acoustic?

Track Six:

Six Months in a Leaky Boat - Split Enz

Track Seven:

Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

Track Eight:

I Don't Wanna Live This Life Anymore - The Ramones

Track Nine:

Science Fiction Double Feature - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Track Ten:

Life - Jason Lives

Track Eleven:

On The Outside - Joey Cape and Tony Sly

Track Twelve:

City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie: It's totally about a train!

Track Thirteen:

What's My Scene? - Hoodoo Gurus: And another thing I've been wondering lately... Dude, we totally weren't talking about anything you had been wondering!

Track Fourteen:

Steven's Last Night In Town - Ben Folds Five

Track Fifteen:

What Do I Get - The Buzzcocks

Track Sixteen:

Beer - Reel Big Fish: An ode to responsible drinking? Perhaps not... remember, you can't use alcohol as a way to deal with emotional issues - but it's pretty fun regardless.

Track Seventeen:

Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track Eighteen:

Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash: Poor sense of direction.

Track Nineteen:

Where is my Mind - The Pixies

Track Twenty:

Liar Liar - The Castaways

Track Twenty One:

Get a Grip (On yourself) - The Stranglers

Track Twenty Two:

I Feel Free - Cream


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