Avant garde, no?


Comrade SteveSteve's mysterious house of mystery has revealed EVEN MORE mystery!

As previously discussed, this mysterious house (of mystery) contains quite a lot of mystery.

For example: The cars that sit on their street. The locks on every door in the house - on the inside and outside. The weird bit of carpet amongst the floorboards that feels like it has a trapdoor underneath. The writing on the beams in the attic. The chain hanging down next to one window. And so on and so forth.


TWO further mysteries have been unearthed.

New Mystery 1!

There are more switches in the house... than there are lights. What do these redundant switches operate? What is their purpose.

Nobody knows... that's why it's a mystery.

New Mystery 2!!

On the front door, there are a lot of locks. There are two massive deadbolts, a slide lock, and one of those chain do-hickeys that could also be described as a "slide lock," as you put the little thing in and slide it across, but you know what I mean, right?

But that is something I have already stated.

The mystery is the FIFTH lock... it is to the left of the door and is set in the wall. It's purpose, if any, remains unknown.

It doesn't appear to actually unlock anything that we can see, and all that is behind it is brick. Also = none of the keys fit it!

Or do they?

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