Avant garde, no?

Last time on Dr. Cam's Crazy World of Dreamings...

Dr. Cam is being espionaged on! He has developed a cunning plan! Will it work?



Well, I didn't actually expect for the dream to pick up where it left off. I didn't actually expect it to have anything to do with my original dreaming of espionage at all... BUT I WAS SURPRISED BY EVEN MYSELF.


So, my dream was quite complicated and there were myriad bits that had ZERO relation to ESPIONAGE at all, but there was one bit that seemed to be a continuation of the previous dream, in which there was, like, this house, yeah?

And it had a door, and one had to get through the door and it was this whole big thing. I can't quite remember the obstacle that prevented me from just walking through the door, but there was definitely an obstacle.

Woke up.


Did you know that Octopi have THREE hearts and GREEN blood? I do and did.

I remember exactly where I was when I learnt that too.

It was in Grade 6, in a portable classroom. I was three down from the front and two from the right hand side of the room.

For some reason, this is something that has stuck with me for some time.

Perhaps it was the shock of learning about the THREE HEARTS and the GREEN BLOOD. Perhaps all of you (who had not previously been appraised of this shocking information) will forever remember exactly where you were when you read this?

This factoid also came in useful in Grade 7 science at a different school... I believe the question in question was: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Three, miss, also green blood!


Would you believe I had another dream as well? That's right, it's been like two nights since the first espionage dream.

This third dream was not about espionage at all, but rather it involved a big tunnel that had to be climbed out of (in my front yard!)

This would have been a simple enough task, except there was this crazy guy with a wooden sword (a katana, maybes?) whose stated purpose was to prevent myself and my tunnel bound comrades from escaping from the tunnel. (Which went STRAIGHT DOWN and was quite difficult to climb up I should add!)

Eventually I got out and fended him off with a wooden sword of my own, and we were freed.

Then there was all this time travel stuff... All I will say as far as that is concerned is that maybe some people just shouldn't travel through time. I am rather hazy on the specifics of what happened, but it seemed as if there was a decent level of incompetence involved.

The End!

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