Avant garde, no?

Nurse! Nurse!

I need a nurse over here right away (preferably in a constricting white uniform)

BUT! Not so constricting that she can't dose this patient up with a decent amount of sedating agent! Why? WHY? I'll tell you why!

This patient is one crazy fool. He is Crazy with a capital K, HOMES!


Let's get serious for a second.

I started noticing something was wrong about a week ago.

It was time for work, and I was walking out the door, when I noticed someone standing on the other side of the road, smoking a cigarette. Not doing anything. Just standing there.

I'd say I didn't think anything of it... but you know me, I'm a paranoid bastard.

But I had to go to work.

So I left.

I came home, cooked dinner, and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and sorted out my papers. They were very carefully set out in an exact position. I left.

I returned. The papers were in precisely the same position. However the chair had been moved 5 centimetres.

I began to grow suspicious that something might be up at this point. I devised a cunning plan.

The next day, I left for work. When I had parked out the front, I walked into the building, took off my green jumper, then went out the back door. I walked 500 metres to the second nearest payphone and called my old frie -


That's about where I woke up.

I was pretty impressed that Dream Cam managed to devise such a cunning plan. Awake Cam doesn't even own a green jumper!!! I wonder if it would have worked... maybe I'll find out tonight?

You should know that this Dream also featured all the bits I've kindly cut out - i.e. ALL of those days at work.

As I've noted in the distant past, dreaming about work sucks - because you don't get paid for it!

Workchoices, indeed!



Today, for some reason, I thought you people that read this might be interested in how my leg is going!!!

It's going dandy, thankyou. I can even partake in fairly long/lengthy drives without being in pain - hooray? It pretty much bends like it did before The Incident Where I Hurt My Leg, which is good, because it's like... 5 or 6 months since I dislocated my kneecap it up, yo! Xmas Eve, 2005. Distant memories.

Occasionally it'll twinge a bit, but it's mostly alright, and I never find myself occasionally completely unable to walk on it every couple of days like I did, oh say, a month ago.

Yes - Hooray!

How much would it suck to BREAK your leg? I imagine it would suck quite a bit.

I broke my arm when I was a child (on a seesaw, no less!) but I don't really remember that, and besides, you arm isn't important! (unless you are a professional juggler with a family to support - alas!)

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