Avant garde, no?

Yo, yo, and furthermore YO!

This is a public service announcement (with GUITARS!)

Those in the LATROBE VALLEY AREA who are in the possession of RADIOS (aka The Wireless) should DEFINITELY tune into 104.7 Gippsland FM on Monday night from, oh say, 9pm - 1030pm for a very special edition of JOPPLOPPING HODDITIES hosted by YOURS TRULY and NOT Luke Nachobowlbeserker....

(Oh, and my own show is on same station from 5pm-630pm on Saturday if you're interested - totally pre-recorded in the middle of the night last week! Some cruisey alternative stuff to chill you out prior to what I am sure will be a ROCKING night. HEY! Saturday is TODAY! WOW!)

But who cares about that. 9-1030 Monday night. There will be punk, noise, and alternative stuff etc. No metal, because METAL is not something that I own.

However, I will tell you some of what I will be playing.

I will be playing:

Some songs off the new NOFX album, "Wolves in Wolves Clothing."

I bought this last Monday, and it is very, very good.

How to describe it? Okay, think of War On Errorism. Now think of War On Errorism with different songs.

That's Wolves In Wolves Clothing. I give it TEN out of TEN.

I will also be playing some songs off the new Antiflag album, For Blood And Empire.

Damn! It's hard to believe it's three years since The Terror State came out. We (i.e. Veg/Jelly/SteveSteve etc.) used to crank that one up when we were out in the bush.

Favourite song: 1 Trillion Dollars.

Depressing political concepts dressed up in driving riffs.... Hooray?

Also! Songs from the latest Propagandhi release, Potemkin City Limits.

Jeez, this one did nothing for me until around the 7th song on the first listen. Second time around I started to like it some more.

It ain't no How To Clean Everything or Today's Empires... but it's still pretty classy.


The Clash, Bad Religion, Frenzal Rhomb, Yidcore, Sex Pistols (maybe) and much, much more.

Oh, and did you know that Joplopping Hoddities totally has a website which has not been updated in over two years?



Dr. Cam!

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