Avant garde, no?


It was only after having written the script for The Amazing Medical Adventures of Dr. Jeffreys, in which the evil identical twin of Dr. Jeffreys, who was thought to be in a coma but is actually not, is getting up to mischief... THAT I READ... that a similar plotline is presently playing out on Neighbours.

Can you believe that Neighbours are ripping off MY idea?

Nor can I!

I am in a state of quietly shocked DISBELIEF.


The other thing that has shocked me is this article from the Herald Sun:

Do you want fat with that?
From: Sunday Herald Sun
Sue Ellen "The Annihilator" Hinde

April 30, 2006

McDONALD'S is supersizing burgers on demand, but is refusing to advertise these high-fat options.
While the fast-food giant strongly advertises its "healthy" alternatives, it is feeding customers burgers that are double, triple and even quadruple their displayed menu size.

At a Melbourne store this week, a Sunday Herald Sun reporter ordered a Quarter Pounder, but with four beef patties and four slices of cheese.

The McDonald's staffer simply punched the Quarter Pounder ($3.25, with 28.5g of fat) request into the counter computer, added three extra patties and cheese slices and, presto, a "Full Pounder" ($8.35, with 55.5g fat) was born.

Teenagers have given new names to the supersized versions of the well-known burgers. Also, there are the "Mega Mac" and the "Quadruple Cheeseburger".

The trend to fatten up the takeaway meal, not advertised or included on menus, is "the rage" with teens. They say they are getting better value for their money.

Recommended daily fat dose for an adult is 60g.

A spokesman for McDonald's, which has promised to change its menu to help combat Australia's obesity crisis, said stores did not offer upsizing, but allowed customers to make "grill orders" and "variations".

Deakin University nutritionist Prof Tim Crowe said: "We love to get value for money, but this is just over consumption."


Argh! DUDES!

I must confess, my first thought upon reading this article was: "Oh, the Herald Sun... surely you have been taken for a ride!"

I may have made a comment to the effect that this "article" was no "smarticle."

But, in fact, there has been nobody taken for a ride! The YOOF are actually eating this crap (seriously, a full pound of hamburger is more than the human body is designed to consume)... but not only that!!!


The poor News Ltd. reported assigned to this case only asked for a Qtr. Pounder with 3 extra patties etc.... however, it would seem to be the case that it is actually possible to go into a McDonalds and ASK for a FULL POUNDER, and yea! Verily you shall recieve.

In conclusion, McDonalds is disgusting.

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