Avant garde, no?

Once upon a time, there was a young man called Jerome Estrente (not his real name).

Jerome has black hair and blue-grey eyes, and likes to wear a green shirt.

After green shirts, his next favourite colour of shirt is red.

Then yellow.

He says that his favourite movie is Every Man For Himself And God Against All.

It is actually Encino Man, starring Pauly Shore.

His favourite song is Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil.

When he was eight years old, he drowned in a swimming pool.

He was dead for around 2 minutes, before he was revived.

When he was 13, he tried dope.

When he was 15, he tried ecstacy.

When he was 17, he tried coke.

I asked him if there was any significance attached to these two year gaps.

There wasn't.

Does he still use recreational narcotics?


Why not?

No reason.

Surely there is a reason?

There is no reason that young Jerome wishes to discuss.

For a living, Jerome works in the financial sector.

He is a "cruncher of numbers."


The money.

It is "all about the benjamins."

Sometimes he enjoys his work. Mostly, he doesn't.

He is not suicidal. Nor has he ever been.

Is this related to the aforementioned drowning?






He is just a well-adjusted individual.

These fun facts, and more, are things you yourself can learn by talking to people on the tram.

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