Avant garde, no?

I read an article the other day, about the guy who created Miffy.

You know, the adorable little rabbit?

Anyway, apparently he draws each little bunny like... 50 or so times... for each time it appears in a book.

Each little bunny has to be exactly right.

I find his dedication to quality admirable.

However, it is not something I can apply to my own attempts at drawing.


The Quest
The Tale of Dr. Steve
A Night To Remember
Andrew Bolt's Birthday Surprise

Classy shit, non? You can find these (AND MORE - in the future) on the images page!

Unlike the creator of Miffy, I only draw a person once. If I try and draw them again, I fuck it up.

This occasionally leads to me drawing far more elaborate things in an effort to avoid having to draw the person again. For example, houses in Armadale.

So, check out my pretty drawings - I plan on keeping it up (until I forget to).

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