Avant garde, no?

I'm back in Warragul for the holiday season, and the first thing I notice as I come off the freeway is that there is some weird art installation hanging above the Southern Entrance to this fine town.

Sayeth the Baw Baw Shire Council:

"Baw Baw Shire Council's Director of Community Living and Development Services, Mr Stephen Chapple said Cloud is comprised of a complex cable-net structure, which needs minor work over a preliminary settling in period. "The designer and structural engineer has, over recent weeks, been balancing the forces between the internal cables so that the structure responds better to wind actions.

"Some turnbuckles have worked loose prior to final tensioning but will soon be locked into position. Once these have been finalised, they will assess whether the larger cables need further adjustment as well, said Mr Chapple.

"Cloud has generated great community interest, but it is only one project of our works program. We are spending about $13 million on projects throughout the Shire including car parking, roads, asset maintenance, community services, tourism and health services to name a few," said Mr Chapple.

At no time has the integrity and stability of Cloud's structure been compromised."


So, basically, it's a bunch of pieces of coloured sheets of metal, hanging off pieces of string. There are a bunch of letters in the Gazette this week decrying Cloud - it's a waste of money, it's distracting to drivers, etc. etc.

Also, there is an awesome letter from yours truly regarding fluoride, but let's not get distracted from the issue at hand.

I'm not sure how distracting it really is to drivers... I mean, we're talking about the Southern entrance to Warragul. It's not exactly the most action packed town entrance you'll ever see - I'd like to think that people could maintain a straight line while appreciating the inherent aesthetic qualities of a bunch of pieces of coloured metal hanging off some string.

As for it being a waste of money - I couldn't agree more. Apparently the initial dosh came from a public art fund set up for the C'wealth games, and so no regular council money has been diverted... but where is the money for the upkeep and repair of this thing coming from? Huh?


Also, there is a weird slug thing in the Queen St. Park (over the bridge from the train station).

Oy vey...


In other cloud related news, Warragul is playing against type (le sarcasme) and presenting a variety of weathery goodness.

It started raining last night... Really pouring down.

At 8am, the sun came out, it was shiny, it was glowing, the wind was soft and warm and the flowers stretched out to catch the light.

At 9am, it started pouring again.

At 10am, it was bright and cheerful and lovely and the birds were singing and dancing and putting on one hell of a show.

At 1130am, it started pouring again.

1149 - it started hailing.

1153 - stopped raining, the sun is shining. Blue skies abound.

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