Avant garde, no?


Good heavens! How can one little ion cause so much controversy?

Let me break it up, break it up, break it down for you.

It's this compound, right, and they chuck it in the drinking water.


Because it's a communist conspiracy to soften us up prior to The Takeover.

Wait... no... they do it because in VERY low doses it does good stuff for your teeth.

In high doses, it'll kill you dead.

But the low dose you get from the water is good for you, and if you don't believe me, perhaps you might believe my friends at the World Health Organisation. Or at the Australian Dental Association. Or the British Dental Association. Or at the American Dental Association. Or at any of the other hundred or so official medical orgs that have said "she'll be right mate, it'll do you some good." These are the groups that Don Auchterlonie was referring to in his letter to the Waz Vegas Gazette, as I noted in my previous post.

Melbourne has fluoridated water. So do such Gippsland towns as Maffra and Drouin. It's worked so well in Maffra and Drouin and in other places, that they're thinking about putting it in the water for the rest of Gippsland.

What they didn't count on, was that (as previously discussed) Gippsland has a lot of crazy people.

I met some crazy people today.

I just wanted the Greatest Hits of the 80s for my radio show. Those box sets of songs from various decades are great for a variety show like mine - you get a real, what's the word?... VARIETY!

So I'm walking towards Trak Rekords, when I spy a table with stuff on it.

This is usually never good.

There was some words on it. The first set of words I saw was on the right. It was something like, "Would you trust this nut?" or "What a nut!" or something that referred to nuts.

At the bottom of the poster were the words "Larouche" and "Citizens Electoral Council."

I didn't like where this was going.

There was a cariacture of somebody on the poster. I couldn't quite make out who it was. If it was Lyndon Larouche, I'd be walking into some weird sort of anti-CEC stall. If it was George W. Bush, the president of the United States of America, I'd be walking right into their trap.

You might have guessed that I don't much like the CEC.

They were originally an electoral front for the... Australian League of Rights, who I also don't like.

In about 95 or 96, followers of Lyndon Larouche branch-stacked the fuck out of the party and took the whole thing over. Lyndon Larouche is a crackpot from the states. He hates the Jews, thinks the Holocaust didn't happen, and reckons the Queen runs the international drug trade.

The Queen!

Anyone who criticizes him is a socialist, a communist, a homosexual, or an agent of the British Governement.

The agents of the British Govt. are the worst.

What I really don't like about them is the way that they raise money. They set up front groups with nice-sounding names, or names which are deceptively similar to existing groups, and they call people up and ask for money. Or they go door to door and ask for money. Or they sell magazines to people who think they are buying the magazine of a reputable organisation. And so on.

I also don't like the fact that their recruitment tactics are ripped straight out the FBI handbook on brainwashing.

Anyway, it was a cariacture of George Bush, and it was an anti-CEC stall.


We had a bit of a chat in which they explained the politics of the CEC.

And I was agreeing with every point they were making. It actually made sense.

If I leaned vaguely to the left (which I do) and was naive as to their activities (I'm not) I might have thought they were onto a good thing.

But, like I said in the brackets, I know what they're about.

So when they asked me if I was a student (I'm not) I said that I was. And when they asked me what I was studying, I said that I was studying at Rabbinical College.

This caused them to physically recoil.

I then explained to them what I thought of their fundraising activities.

This did not make them happy. The reasonable sounding policies were left at the door, and we dove into the murky realm of the Queen running the drug trade and weird 3D mathematics.

"See, *they* teach Euclidian mathematics. Straight lines and such. You won't see this (he points at a diagram demonstrating their maths) in any schoolbooks."

I bid them adieu.

Anyway, what does this have to do with fluoride?

Well, when I went around the corner, there were some people from the Gippsland Safe Water Alliance giving out fliers and asking people to sign their petition.

I got chatting with one of them:

Me: "Doesn't Warragul already have fluoride in the water?"
Her: "No, that's Drouin - nobody has dropped dead yet, but they won't tell us when they do."
Me: "It's a bit of a big weekend for Warragul. We've got you guys here, and the Citizen's Electoral Council around the corner!"
Her: "Oh, are they? We're in that too."

And that is my story of the crazy people I met in Warragul.

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