Avant garde, no?

Okay, I'm slack as - I admit it.

I've been busy researching and writing stuff for FightDemBack.org, which means that my regular interweb diarying has fallen by the wayside. REALLY far by the wayside.

But today, I got an email from a stranger about this site.

They were all, "Woah, that's an amazing thing on your site."

Of course, they were talking about one of the wonderful statistical features (the word counter) but it reminded me that this thing existed, and inspired me to strap a coupla copper wires to it and pump some thunder juice into it's tired corpse.


One of my co-workers was walking down the street the other day, and this chick was walking towards him, and she had this furry hat on, but it fell off! so he went to pick it up, and as he did, she yelled out, "IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE!"


I got the new Jason Lives EP on the weekend. Cracking stuff.

At first I was a little hurt that Luke hadn't told me that it was coming out, but then I remembered that he had. I like track 3, 5, 6, 2, 4, and 1.

Actually those are all the songs.

A much better secret track than the last EP too.

Conclusion: Jason Lives is intergalactic space wizardy wrapped in an enchilada of punk rock. 5 stars, minus 3 for selling out and advertising an esoteric cereal brand - presumably in exchange for sedatives, but plus 8 for Ross' mullet in the little slippy thing. So, 11 stars. Sparkly.



So, there I am. I'm in Warragul, and I'm about to leave and go back to Melbourne.... and as I'm driving past the Warragul Performing Arts Centre, I see a sign.

And the sign says:


and then it says:


and then it says:


and then there is an arrow pointing at the Arts Centre.

And I thought to myself, that's strange... I'm an agent of the New World Order, perhaps this will be of interest to me.

So, I headed in.

I was wearing a black shirt with a sublime patch and a Black GST badge, dark camo pants, and combat boots. Fuck, I fitted in really well with these people, who were dressed in various shades of pastel.

Everyone was in the Seminar, but there were a few people in the lobby... a bunch of kids colouring stuff in, and a big table covered in books. A young lady of about 12 was standing behind it, so I went over and said, "G'day!" and had a look at the books.

Mostly your pretty standard street-preacher giving out books kind of books: Jesus and You, Living The Bible Way etc.

There were some bibles there too.

I picked out the most hardcorest looking one there: THE SECRET TERRORISTS by Bill Hughes.

It has a picture of a map of America on the front, and it's in a target.

The blurb:

The United States is in more danger today than she has ever been. A secret terrorist orgainsation has been working within to destroy America, it's Constitution, and everything for which she stands. This book gives all the details, and shows how far this terrorist organization has been able to progress in the destruction of America."

I thought the organization would probably be the Jooooooos, but it's actually the Jesuits. They cop the blame for World War I, World War II, Waco, The Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, the sinking of the Titanic, various presidential assassinations.

Good work, Jesuits!

The Joooos do cop a serve towards the end for having killed Christ. Bastards!

The cults of Warragul are just one of the things that make Warragul so great.

The Citizens Electoral Council and the Australian League of Rights both have history in the area... Actually, I lived just down the road from the current national director of ALOR for a while.

Then you have the Exclusive Brethren - not allowed to vote, but donate to the liberal party - with their massive windowless compound on the eastern extreme of the town.

And then there's the kids over at Neerim South - a bit to the west of Waz Vegas - who moved to NS cos it was the only place that would survive the coming apocalypse. (date now passed)


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