Avant garde, no?

I've gotta say, I've been enjoying the fuss that's been made over my little spoof site (http://pyl.bluexo.net) the past couple months!

Don't know what I'm talking about?

Well, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle over the council elections, hasn't there.

From before the council elections:


And from afterwards:

From the Hume Weekly.

Stoush over online diary

By Alex Kirkham

FORMER Hume councillor Jack Medcraft is considering what legal action he can take against the author of an online diary who alleged that he was a Nazi sympathiser.

During the council election campaign in November, Jacksons Creek Ward councillor Ann Potter used her online diary, or weblog, to publish allegations that Mr Medcraft was considering membership to white supremacist group Patriotik Yoof League.

The league promotes Adolf Hitler as a hero and its members are against homosexuals, communists, capitalists and all nonwhite people.

One of Cr Potter’s entries claimed that Mr Medcraft’s views about asylum seekers and their detention and treatment thereafter fit with the views of the PYL.

Last Friday, Cr Potter confirmed she did write the information, but said it was a parody of Mr Medcraft’s right-wing views and that the Patriotik Yoof League was a parody site.

She claims that he lodged a complaint with the Victorian Electoral Commission over the matter.

"He’s not taking me to court. He can claim what he likes, the issue is with the VEC." Mr Medcraft said he had approached the Equal Opportunity Commission, but had been told Cr Potter’s comments didn’t fit existing racial vilification laws.

This site was managed and operated by Ann Potter alone under the guise of GuruAnn and was read by a large number of people in Sunbury.

"She put me up as an out-of-control racist, She put me up as an out-ofcontrol racist thereby inciting hatred among the ethnic members of the vast Hume [municipalityl of which I was a councillor at the time thereby inciting hatred among the ethnic members of the vast Hume [municipality], of which I was a councillor at the time." Mr Medcraft is now considering legal action over alleged defamation and has received advice that material made available to the public on radio, newspapers or on the web is subject to the same law.


Ahahahahahaha... And now this morning's Age brings us this catty update.

Jacking Up.

Jack Medcraft lost the Hume Council election but his alter ego JAKAS - Jack Also Known As Steve - will have his day in the Municipal Electoral Tribunal tomorrow to challenge the Victorian Electoral Commission over the win by the ALP's Ann Potter. Jack, who is appearing as Stephen Jack Medcraft, claims Potter used dirty tricks on a website to mislead voters. Jack also doubles as Steve Medcraft, the prez of People Against Lenient Sentencing, and both of them want justice. Jack/Steve told Diary he hopes the best man/men win.

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