Avant garde, no?

TRANSCRIPT OF RADIO BANTER. Some company names removed for legal reasons - oh heavens!

Cam: Hey bro, how about all that then.
J: Oh, I couldn't agree more. What about the thing with the thing?
Cam: Damn, baby, I couldn't have said it better.
J: So, shall we discuss recent current events?
Cam: Saucy.
J: So, the AWB Oil-For-Food, Blood-For-Wheat SCANDAL that has rocked the halls of parliament/the nation. Thoughts?
Cam: It's very interesting. Saddam Hussein is a dick, to be sure - so people giving him money is bad and makes me cry, however if it brings down the Liberal Party, it can't be all bad, right?
J: Of course right.
Cam: This sort of thing happens all the time and you never hear about it. These guys just happened to be incredibly incompetent - I mean, why the fuck are all these emails being used as evidence in the freakin' inquiry. DELETE YOUR EMAILS. And how the hell did the holiday snaps of the AWB boys end up on the front page of The Age? These are all questions I would like to know the answers to... Well, I've only really asked one question.
J: The thing that pisses me off about the Age article with the wacky holiday snaps is that they made mention of even wackier ones, I think it was supposed to be Flugge topless and covered in "what appeared to be shaving cream," yet they DID NOT PRINT THEM.
Cam: Jeez, I sound like a nutty conspiracy theorist... It happens all the time and you never, ever hear about it. Wooooooo! Spooky.
J: Yes, you sound like a nut. You also look like a nut.
Cam: Thankyou, however I'm actually basing that on personal experience. Back in the day, I knew a guy whose company (w/ govt. knowledge) financially supported the Suharto regime during some pretty dark days of oppression and people disappearing. Not only did this guy get free prostitutes/holidays/etc. from the Indonesian government, he was later given an OBE by the Queen. I think that's what it's called... Like the Australia Day awards.
J: I guess the main difference between that and the AWB thing is that the British government wasn't imposing sanctions on the Indonesian government at the time of the ALLEGED incidences, and were in fact selling them arms and other fun things.
Cam: Yes, that was all alleged.


J: RU486. Great or evil?
Cam: Woah, controversial!
J: You know it.
Cam: Jeez... I don't know if it's great or evil BECAUSE IT HASN'T BEEN APPROVED BY THE TRAINED SCIENTISTS AT THE TGA YET. It could be bad for you, I don't know, BECAUSE THE TRAINED SCIENTISTS AT THE TGA HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO TESTS ETC. So, if you're asking me if I support the decision of whether it's allowed to be used in Australia being left in the hands of the Mad Monk, then no. I think that decision should be left in the hands of doctors. All that said, I'm of the understanding that it's not particularly deadly when used in other countries, but yeah. I will get behind a medicine if it is approved on medical grounds.
J: Smooth answer, jackass. How about this then. Abortion: Great or evil?
Cam: Thanks, mate, I really appreciate that. I feel that until a foetus can survive independently of the mother, it's still a part of her body and it's up to her what she does with it. I guess that means late-term abortions are a no-go in my book, though. Let's play another song.


Cam: Hey J----.
J: Ja?
Cam: Danish-cartoon-controversy-what-do-you-think?
J: Bastard! Well, it's a complicated issue. You've got a bunch of dickheads in both camps who are deliberatly provoking things, and all sorts of international politics and whatnot. The newspaper was dickheads for deliberatly printing shit to stir up hatred -
Cam: I understand they had refused to print cartoons featuring Jesus some years previous as they considered them to be blasphemous and thus unprintable.
J: - and the guys who showed the cartoons around the Middle East PLUS the new extra-offensive ones are really, really dickheads, and the guys who are burning shit down and killing people are really, really, really dickheads. A whole bunch of dickheads.
Cam: J-----, the new Chomsky? That's all we have time for -

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