Avant garde, no?

Did I mention that I confronted DEATH yesterday?

Not, you know, personally. I wasn't like, "Bring it, DEATH, you cocky motherfucker." But DEATH and I were in the same general area and DEATH was all, "Shit, man. Maybe you should consider your own mortality."

It went down a little something like this.

There I was... driving to work... probably going to be a few minutes late. See, when I'm not getting up at 5 for insanely early mornings, I have a tendency to really push it, punctuality wise. This is because I am absolutely hopeless at determining how long it takes to get from, say, Warragul to Traralgon.

Anyway, there I was, probably going to be late, and then a good excuse for being late turned up in front of me in the form of A HORRIFIC AND BLOODY AND FIERY CAR CRASH. I was like, "Holy Shit, It's DEATH!"

So I called up work while the firemen and ambulancemen and policemen (or occupationrelatedprefix-people, I should say) did their thing, and the journo answered the phone and I was like, "Can you tell the boss that I'm going to be late because of all the DEATH on the road," and she was like, "Where?" and I told her, and then I was like, "Don't forget to tell the boss!" but she just hung up or I ran out of signal or something that meant that my phone stopped working. Anyway, once all the DEATH was over, I stopped speeding about so.

Anyway, I wouldn't mention it, but I didn't mention it yesterday, and DEATH rates pretty highly on the things which should be mentioned. Imagine, dying on a Thursday.

ANYWAY, today was a Friday, and it was allegely going to be a busy Friday, but that was a filthy lie. Let me just say this, Friday's punk ass was well and truly beaten down.

One disadvantage to this lack of business, though, was that there wasn't any sound in my edit suite, coming from my speakers. Due to this distinct lack of speaker related sound, I was able to hear the television in the staff room. It was turned to children's television on the ABC, and friends, what I heard only confirmed my theory that everyone working in Children's Programming regularly and ritualisticly shoots lysergic acid directly into their armpits.

Also, why the fuck are they playing Thomas the Tank Engine without Ringo Starr?

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