Avant garde, no?

IR protests in Melbourne today were hardcore.

I went home after work (bout 7am) then walked to the trainstation at 8.

There was still some confusion as to whether you needed to buy a train ticket today. I figured to hell with it, and didn't...

Even if Connex etc. had wanted to check tickets, it would have been impossible. Every carriage of every train was jampacked with unionists/protesters etc. Good fucking luck checking tickets.

Getting past the barriers at Swanston St. provided a few issues, but I managed to duck in behind someone really quick like, whereupon I met up with my ACTU homies (I'm in the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance myself) and proceeded to hand out lots of stickers and ACTU postcards (Hey, want to voice your discontent with the Howard Government's proposed IR laws?).

My favourite thing was trying to get guys in suits who obviously supported the reforms to sign a postcard. Poor fuckers were just trying to avoid the commie rabble and get to their airconditioned offices, but fuck em. I'd turn up the left-wing a whole bunch for those cunts: G'day COMRADE! Howzitgoing? Wanna tell the pricks up in Canberra where they can shove their reforms?

And so on.

Favourite guy I stopped was this guy with a massive multi-coloured mohawk and a crazyass umbrella and cool orange eyebrows.

Anyway, then we marched up to Carlton Gardens, and FUCK, did I ever lose my voice... what a great place to march, but... the sound CARRIES. It's a beautiful thing.





Fuck, I can scream like a motherfucking banshee.

I think it's my secret power.

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