Avant garde, no?

I had a bit of time to kill this afternoon, so I cruised around the streets of Waz Vegas.

I ended up going past some of the places I used to hang out at ALL the time when I was a little munchkin.

We're talking, like, 7/8/9 years old here.

I was really expecting everything to have changed. There's been a lot of development lately...

The whole south side of town has gone off like a bottle rocket with that new development, the CBD has... well, let's not talk about the CBD. The Exclusive Brethren have got that huge new compound at the bottom of North Rd. (It's that massive building with the MASSIVE car park and no windows.)

Plus, there's the continuing drama of what's gonna happen to the old milk factory etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, anyway, when I was a kid, there was this big vacant lot out the back of my friend Sam's house. It was big and overgrown, and it was aweseome, cos the fucking Bigfoot lived in there.

And across the road from the vacant lot (which was totally fucking elevated, so there was a STEEP BANK and everything to get down, which is also totally awesome) there was this overgrown park with huge trees and a MASSIVE lake, and in the lake there were tadpoles, and one time I caught some and I brought them home in a bucket, and they were growing into little frogs and then the bucket got knocked over and they all fell out, but we put them back in the bucket quickly and they all survived.

Anyway, one day the vacant lot got bulldozed.

(See, development)

But it was cool, cos after they bulldozed it, they didn't have enough money to actually build anything (maybe they just wanted to play in the bulldozers) so we had a huge bulldozed vacant lot with heaps of dirt and fucking rocks (yes, we had pretty nasty rock fights - I got smacked in the head once... actually, that explains a lot).

Anyway, I hadn't been past there in about 8 years, but I did, and boy...


Just a lot smaller.


I was visiting my grandparents the other day, and they got me to shut their gate.

The other day, they'd gone out, and it had been open, and in their backyard there was....


Wack, eh?

So, she threw it over the fence.

Anyway, I thought this was very interesting. I wanted to find out what sort of sandal it was etc.

So, I jumped over the fence.

The sandal was not where it had been thrown.

It had moved. It had moved around the corner.



It gets more bizarre.

In the place where the sandal had been, there was now....


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