Avant garde, no?

"One hundred million years ago,
When wood turned into coal we know,
When dinosaurs roamed the land,
Their footprints in the river sand,
People of the sun, the soil
Around the fire they once toiled,
People of the Gunai,
In Moe, they still live and die."

I've fallen in love with Boola Boola.

Or, back in love with them, at least. Apparently, I used to listen to them a little bit back about five years ago.

"Fishing by the river,
Lying there with you,
Down behind the drive-in,
Where the water once was blue."

My dad sincerely doubts that the river behind the drive-in was ever blue.

These lyrics are from a song called Moe Man. I was going through the record library at the station (radio) when I found "Artists of Gippsland 1994."

Some good stuff. Anyway, Boola Boola was one of the artists of Gippsland, and then later on when I asked Veg if he'd heard of them, he had both their albums.

He'd gotten them at the Warragul Celtic Festival a coupla years back - it was a pretty good festival, if memory serves.

The guy from Redback Chilli (out Neerim way - Jindi?) questioned Vegie and I's masculinity.

Damn, what's that guy's name?


Horrible Haggis - a top bloke, but he questioned our masculinity.

It was the Celtic Festival, it was probably 2001, and 'orrible 'aggis was selling his fantastic chilli products.

Me and Vegie were just browsing, you know, when he CHALLENGED us.

A challenge? Well, I don't know, that looks like pretty hot chilli?

"What? Aren't you MAN enough?"

Aghast. That's the only word.

Well, one thing led to another, and we tried it.


Talk about letting my mind wander... I think I had something to say.

Oh, right, the hitchhiker. Well, more on that later.

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