Avant garde, no?

How to make nunchucks.

By Jelly.

One day, Jelly made some nunchucks.

You can too!

Step 1.

Cut off X2 30cm sections of your mother's broom handle.

Subnote: Hide remaining broom well.

Step 2.

Buy beer.

Step 3.

Apply threaded fixture hooks to the ends of each wooden component. (Nee broomhandle)

Step 4.

Drink beer.

Step 5.

Acquire badass wallet chain from World Industries currency receptacle. (c. 2000)

Step 6.

Sing a jaunty tune.

(Director's Commentary...

Cam: What year?
Jelly: Circa 2000. Okay, Step 6.
Cam: Sing a jaunty tune.
Jelly: Yeah... you *could* sing.)

Step 7.

Cut your motherfucken chain in half, and link two halves with a metal gyro.

Step 8.

Attach one end of your chain/gyro contraption to one of your metal hooks. Attach the other to the other.

Step 9.

Be responsible. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Step 10.

Grow a mullet and get cut-off jeans. (Preferably recycled Levi 501s)

Step 11.

Open a 40 gallon drum of whoop-ass on some poor cunt.

It's that EASY!

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