Avant garde, no?

Holy Shit!

I was watching the Channel Nine news just now, and FORTY TWO PERCENT of drivers tested for drugs in Victoria are fucking zipping off their skulls on amphetamines or doped up on wacky weed.

Forty Two Percent!

Holy shit!

That's a fucking outrage!

I am OUTRAGED. Forty Two FUCKING Percent.

Okay, I'm not really THAT outraged.

And the reason is this. Earlier today, my little fax machine beeped and bizzed and boobled, and out came a fax from the Minister for Police & Emergency Services (The flawless Tim Holding).

It said:


Tough new roadside tests have confirmed that drug use among Victorian motorists is at an *alarmingly high* rate, the Minister for Police & Emergency Services, Tim Holding, said today." (my emphasis)

Alarmingly high. Alarmingly. High.

It then went on to say:

"Preliminary results from a post-Grand Final blitz in inner Melbourne indicated that *11* out of the *26* drivers tested had either cannabis or methamphetamines in their system."

And 11 out of 26 is 42%.

Tim Holding craps on a bit (driving while stoned is dangerous... blah death blah trauma) and then:

"Year-to-date results from the drug driving trial, also released today, reveal a similarly alarming rate of drug use among Victorian drivers.

Mr. Holding said independent laboratory analysis had shown that, overall, drugdriving was more than five times as prevalent as drink driving, with one in every 50 drivers testing positive for cannabis or methamphetamine-based drugs.

This compares to an average of one in every 250 drivers who are breathalysed testing positive for alcohol.

Mr. Holding said in the ten months to October 2, 2005, a total of 10,546 Victorian drivers were tested, with 213 drivers testing positive for drugs."

This seems wack to me. Just over 2% of the people they've tested for drug-driving have tested positive - and this is similarly alarming to the Grand Final result. And how is that alarming, exactly?


There were probably more. But if they'd managed to test any more than twenty six (only 26 were tested because police were so busy processing suspected drug drivers) I'm sure the average would have been closer to that 2% than the 42%.

26 people is an unacceptably small sample for drawing conclusions of alarm, as far as I'm concerned.

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