Avant garde, no?

It was Thursday today, in the world of advertising. Of course, it was Thursday everywhere else as well, but in the world of advertising, it was Thursday with a Capital T.

Well, it was Thursday with a capital T everywhere... but in the world of advertising we fucking underline Thursday, and draw circles around it and little arrows pointing at it with the words, "Shit man, it's fucking Thursday again" sticking out of the non-pointy ends.

This is because, in the world of non-metro televisual advertising, where we don't have no fancy satellites etc., we have to send any commercials that are to air on Saturday, Sunday or Monday by Thursday, or else... no commercial.

But... today was a Thursday that was positively excellent. Two things... Two things had to go out today. One of them was done by 2:14 and the other, shit man, I did that WEEKS ago. Or WEEK. But anyway, it had already been sent so I sent it again to shut them up. Bunch of hacks, but I didn't let it get to me... because today was... an EASY Thursday. Ahhhhh. Bring it on, Friday, you cocky motherfucker. I can take your punk ass.

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