Avant garde, no?


Exhibition Hall (Next to the Greyhound Track)

I don't know... from, like, 730 or something... maybe 8.


Jason Lives!
Please Turn Over! (I'm fairly sure)

And more...

Be there, or be square.


You fucking square, I can't believe you didn't come! I hope you had fun flouncing about in your fucking wacked out fantasy land, SteveSteve.

But the rest of you guys... WASN'T IT GRRRREAT?

There was kung-fu fighting - there was dancing, there was music. It was all good. Me and Shaun went off like bottle rockets, and wasn't if funny when Jelly near broke his hand busting moves at the petrol station?

Ah, good times.

Pink Guitar Guy was there selling badges (I got a NOFX one! Hurrah!) and at one point this chick called Caitlin (but not Caitlin of the Waz Vegas Terrible Two apparently) came over and accused me of being Scottish.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being Scottish... I'm told I'm of Scottish ancestry, or at least partly... but why someone would come up to me and accuse me of being scottish, I don't know.

Was it my dancing? Was it my pirate-like swagger? Was it my kilt and bagpipes?

Who knows?

Anyway, I met her sister(s) AND her boyfriend, and then I went back to dancing.

And shouting.

So much shouting.

Cannot talk. Cannot walk.

Argh, my poor throat and legs.

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