Avant garde, no?

But gee, it's good to be back home. Home is where I want to be.

I've been on the road so long - and if you'd come, you couldn't disagree - it's the same old story.

Did I mention that I was going to the Northern Territory? No? Well.... anyway, I'm back.

Me and Jelly cruised over to the Retro Room (or is the Lava Lounge? Anyway, the place that used to be the Irish Pub) where there was a "rave" for 13-17 year olds going on.

Is there anything at all suspicious about two men in their late teens/early 20s standing around outside an underage rave?

No! I agree, there isn't.

However, within minutes of arriving at the back of the pub, we were literally spotlighted by THE MAN!

The cops shone us good and proper in the eyes.

But we pretended like we were doing some sort of drug deal, and they drove on.

Anyway, the real reason we were at The Retro Room/Lava Lounge, was cos we woz visiting our hombre SteveSteve, who was there on official doctor business.

"Hola, SteveSteve," we said to him, "How goes things?"

Things went well.

"How are the corpses?" asked Jelly of SteveSteve.

SteveSteve works with the DEAD, you see.

Some of the DEAD he works with are nicknamed "Angry Anderson," "Hank," and "Juicy Lucy."

The corpses were good. Juicy Lucy's lungs are gone, and so is most of the top part of her head.

It was at around this point of the corpse-discussion, that Jelly explained what he would like to do to Jena Malone if she came into the ER, unable to move.

"She'd come into the E.R. right - unconscious, eh... anyway, I'd put her on a trolley, and take her to the morgue, and put her in the fridge - until she came to and started screaming, then I'd let her out and I'd be like, 'just kidding, jena!'"

He's a sick, sick man.

Anyway, then we had to leave, cos the security guard thought we looked "a little sly" (as told to another doctor-type) but rest assured, we returned with waterbombs and waterpistols, and the rest is history.


Dr. Cam

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