Avant garde, no?

Okay... So, back in high school at some point, Jelly or Vegie or Jelly and Vegie in conjunction, or whatever, made the observation that time travel is not only possible, but that we are doing it all the time. I was also present at this remarkable turning point in the world of physics. SteveSteve was not.

Whoever it was came to the astute conclusion that we are all travelling forwards through time at one second per second.

Astute, yes? Yes.

But how then, do we alter our speed through time, and yes, even reverse it?

The answer: Lima beans. I really can't remember why it was lima beans. I guess they possessed just the right amount of innocuous whatever to be a feasible time travel facilitator. I mean... lima beans...

We concluded that you would have to eat a lot of them... far far more than anyone could conceivably eat without the intention of slowing/reversing or speeding the passage of their personal temporal field - even if they were trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records for lima bean eating.

Anyway, it was just one of those absurdist little in-jokes that Vegie, Jelly and I had, and at some point we shared it with SteveSteve.

Anyway, while SteveSteve was neglecting Sha, Vegie and I - imagine, talking to his relatives - Vegie brought up lima beans... I don't know why, he was probably indicating a desire for time to be sped up somewhat... he didn't articulate this so clearly as so a layman or laywoman would understand though, and Sha was suitably confused.

"Lima beans?" she enquired.

We refused to tell her. We felt it was Steve's place to inform of the lima bean secret. It then took on all sorts of sinister qualities in her mind, and the next day, while lying in bed with SteveSteve, she firmly requested a definitive answer. He explained that it was a stupid little in-joke. She scratched him quite nastily, I'm told.

And that was that. SteveSteve recounted this tale of explanation and scratching to me. At the completion of the aforementioned tale, I made the comment that he must have had a difficult time of convincing his young lass that this lima bean concept related to time travel, after so much sinister hype had been built up around it.

"Time travel?" he asks.

That's right. SteveSteve had no idea what lima beans were all about. He just thought we were a bunch of absurdist goons, instead of the master physicists that we obviously are. Obviously

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