Avant garde, no?

...you've really made the graa-aade.

So anyway... previous to this, I was by no means a radio virgin. My radio cherry was popped years ago.

Nevertheless, this was my first time operating the mixer.

Dave, who was supposed to sit through this with me, said, "We really liked your demo tape. It was well-mixed."

This was true.

However it led him to the conclusion that I knew how to operate a mixer and he went off to work on the new studio, leaving me all on my lonesome with her.

Uh... I mean... it.

I mixed my demo tape on a non-linear editing system.

I use a mixer when I'm capturing audio... but... this was my first time operating a live mixer.

Ohhhhhhh.... it was amazing. I don't want to creep you out, but it was warm and moist and just... just... just tremendous.

Was it good for you, though?

Bob Dylan Ate My Brain! started off with some David Bowie, which I think is the best way to start something, and went on a magical journey that included The Clash, Reel Big Fish, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan (or course) and a variety of other fantastic things.

Hahahaha... I played Pretty Woman. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking it would be nice to please a diverse range of people.

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