Avant garde, no?

When I gotsta musiiiiiiic.... I gooooootsss a place to gooooooo.

Sup, gentle reader. Be forewarned!

Saturday 30 July.

104.7 Gippsland FM.

1130-1300: Valley artist and raconteur Jelly.

He will be playing music. He will also be talking.

1700-1830: Valley writer and enterpreneur Dr. Cam.

Wrap your fucking heads around that. Who the hell would give me carte blanche over one and a half hours of broadcasting time?

It was a really weird phone call. I'd made the assumption that my demo tape had been just TOO insane for them to consider putting me to air. It opened with the theme from A Clockwork Orange as my theme tune, went into Coming into Los Angeles by Arlo Guthrie, then I told the entire life and times of Sydney-based neo-nazi Jim Saleam, and then topped it off with Frenzal Rhomb's cover of Home & Away.

Well, we'll see how it turns out. I still don't have a name for the show, if that's any indication of how prepared I am.

Suggestions from unhelpful parties have included:

Cam on the Ham (Steve)
Smack Whores On The Dole (Weezil
We Wish We Were Joplopping Hoddities (Luke)

I'm leaning towards... "Bob Dylan Ate My Brain!"

Check it out (yo).

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