Avant garde, no?


The following post will consist entirely of THE TRUTH!

If you feel you cannot handle the truth, you should probably stop reading now.

If you think that the truth will hurt, baby, truth hurts, you should probably stop reading now.

BUT! If you think the truth is dandy - sweet as candy - I invite you to read on.

To begin the truth telling, I must first confess to an untruth. Notice that I don't use the word 'lie' there. This is because when I stated the fact that I am about to remind you of, it was the truth. It has since become not so much the truth...

Now, I'm as fond as some light embellishment of a tale as the next man, but here at Sexenheimer Industries, we believe in FULL DISCLOSURE.

So... cast your mind back to about almost a month ago...

West Australian neo-nazi and synagogue vandal Ben Weerheym had been digging for information on yours truly, after I suggested that he had released the location and time of the National Front WA launch.

After he asked the Hitler Youth on the National Front New Zealand Youth MSN Group if they had information on me (and why would they? I'd only met one - possibly two - of them, and they didn't know I had anything to do with anything PLUS I live in a whole other country, bro, but besides the point...) he began recieving emails from Mr. Edward Tee.

Now, Edward Tee, of course, does not exist.

Still, as I stated (now a leetle incorrectly) about a month ago, he gets up to a lot of mischief.

"Have you met my good friend Edward Tee?

He gets around a lot.

New Zealand National Front members might remember him as the guy that found out they were flying Jim Saleam over for a wine and cheese night.

Patriotic Youth League members might remember him as... well, I just read a lot of their xenophobic neo-nazi twaddle, no real results there.

Ben Weerhym will remember him always as the guy who he agreed to have sex with in exchange for more info on Cam Sexenheimer."

Now... which one of those things isn't true.

Well, it's true that he found out Jim Saleam was being flown over to meet with the NZNF. (Dig the news story on same.)

And it's true that he got the dirt on Ben Weerheym's Redwatch. (Dig news articles on same. And I lied about the sex. Maybe...)

So, what's untrue? Well, it's no longer true that nothing came of his foray into the murky world of the PYL, cos SOMETHING DID, BABY!

From The Australian...

Top Academic Accused of Neo-Nazi Links.

SYDNEY'S Macquarie University is investigating allegations one of its senior academics has ties with a neo-Nazi group that wants to ban non-white immigrants.

Andrew Fraser, associate professor in public law at Macquarie, denied last night any association with the extremist Patriotic Youth League.
"I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the PYL," Professor Fraser said. "Nor have I played any other role, officially or unofficially, in that organisation."


Rightio, fair enough. If Andrew Fraser says he is not now, and has never been a member of the PYL, nor has he played ANY role, officially or unofficially, in that organisation, well, fair enough.

I can understand why he wouldn't want to be associated with a pack of violent thugs such as the PYL. Assault, vandalism, death threats... A VERY UNSAVOURY mentor in one Jim Saleam... yeah, people to steer clear of. Well, he says he's not played any part, officially or unofficially in that organisation, so fair enough.

Only... young Edward Tee couldn't help but notice a little something when he was reading through the PYL website a couple months back... and so, the article continues:


But the internet website of the PYL, an extremist right-wing group with well-established neo-Nazi links, records Professor Fraser being registered as a "new member" last September. The email address given for him was his Macquarie University work address at the time.


But... but... Andrew! You said you had nothing to do with the PYL!

The article continues to continue....


In an email to documentary producer Iain Lygo last March, PYL executive Luke Connors said Professor Fraser was the league's legal adviser.


Don't you just love this article? It goes on....


In the same email, Mr Connors said he had conducted an online poll asking PYL members to identify the most troublesome minority in their area - "abbos, curry munchers, wogs or chinks?".

Contacted yesterday, Mr Connors initially insisted Professor Fraser had no association with the league. But told of evidence seen by The Australian, Mr Connors said the Canadian-born academic was the group's legal adviser. "Yes, it's true he has been giving us advice but he's not a member officially."


Sorry, Mr. Connors, you must be mistaken! The Prof told us that he wasn't involved at all!


Mr Connors denied the league was extremist. "Anyone disagreeing with the left-wingers is labelled a Nazi. We have taken in people who are neo-Nazis but we are not neo-Nazis."

Mr Connors admitted the league was influenced by prominent neo-Nazi Jim Saleam, who was jailed for three years in 1991 for organising the shotgun attack on the home of the African National Congress's Australia representative Eddie Funde.

"Jim is giving us useful contacts and advice in a number of areas," Mr Connors said.

Professor Fraser, 61, said although he was not associated with the PYL, he believed the league's aims were legitimate.


Which aim is that? The extermination of all non-whites? Gee, Prof, that's not very friendly.

Anyway... as you can see, young Drew Fraser has been caught out in a bit of a lie. The next day's Australian continued the story...


SYDNEY'S Macquarie University has warned a senior academic he faces disciplinary action if he continues making public statements that refugees have labelled racist and inflammatory.

But a defiant Andrew Fraser, associate professor in public law, launched a fresh attack on Africans in Australia, claiming they had low IQs and "significantly more testosterone", making them a crime risk.

The Australian reported yesterday that the university was investigating allegations Professor Fraser had ties with the neo-Nazi Patriotic Youth League. The PYL website records him as a member, and a spokesman said he acted as the group's legal adviser.


Okay, so that's where we stand. The PYL website records him as a member, and a spokesman said he acted as the group's legal adviser.

We'll skip a bit about the Prof being a twerp and Mac Uni not liking him being a racist twerp in their name... and we get up to...


Professor Fraser said he had registered his contact details with the PYL, which is associated with prominent neo-Nazi Jim Saleam, but did not act as their legal adviser. "If a bunch of young people are engaged in some activity which I approve of, I am not going to tell them to keep away from me," he said.


Jesus, Drew... a liar AND a racist... that's a nasty combination.

Andrew Fraser's theories about race were disproven around 50 years ago, but you know, Drew isn't an anthropologist. He's a professor of law, and this isn't his area of expertise. If he fucks something up, we can put it down to ignorance of reality.

But Andrew Fraser knew what he was doing when he lied to the media about his connection to the neo-nazi PYL.

I'd like to know why he lied. He says that if his son was a member, he wouldn't be ashamed.

So why did he lie, and if Luke Connors (or Luke Hollywood, according to Today Tonight) is to believed, continue to lie about his involvement?

Something to ponder...

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