Avant garde, no?

Heat 2 of the Battle of the Bands was on tonight... not sure if it's the Warragul battle of the bands, or the Baw Baw battle of the bands, but whatever, it was preeeety rockin', gringo.

My eeers are ringing, but that's not the point.

I was talking to Steve, while the guest band played "House of the Rising Sun" and this guy comes running past with a bright pink cardboard cut-out fake guitar.

And he says to me, "Hey, you're awesome!" and waves his fingers at me, ala The Wiggles.

And he says to Steve, "Hey, you're awesome too!" And then he keeps on running.

Anyway, me and Steve are like, "Sure, we're awesome, but who is this guy?"

Anyway, he runs past us again, so I grab his arm, and he takes a bit of a tumble. SteveSteve may have tripped him a little bit, also.

Anyway, I pull him up and I say to him, "How do you know me? Why am I awesome?"

He says something REALLY FAST. Too fast to hear. Steve asks the same question, and the guy says, "You're in Ace Ventura's right?"

And SteveSteve says, "Yeah." Cos he was, you know.

And then I ask him to repeat this answer to me, and he does, but it's still too fast, and I say to SteveSteve, "Did you get that?" and SteveSteve nods, so I let him go, and he's like, "Bye, awesome guys."

"So, why am I awesome?" I ask Steve.

"I don't know," he says. "You're really not."

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